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Mission Statement

To locally empower the next generation of voters and bridge the gap between community residents, elected officials, and the policies that govern them.

Who We Are

Blue Starr Carolinas is a nonprofit that improves the lives of local unrepresented, unheard and disenfranchised people through increasing election awareness, voter participation and community resources.  

Our Story

The idea of Blue Starr Carolinas started when our founder Bryant Graham realized the disconnect between political nonprofit organizations, elected officials, and the communities they serve in North Carolina. He asked one question: “Why do most folks have little to no idea who their local representatives are or what resources are available to them?”


In May of 2020 he founded Blue Starr Carolinas to bridge the gap between community residents, elected officials, and the policies that govern them — a vital need during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


To meet this goal, we think: Educate, Empower, and Mobilize.


  • Educate communities on who is responsible for providing community resources, what policies are currently in place and what actions they can take if these resources are unavailable or nonexistent. 

  • Empower residents to take action based on their community needs. 

  • Mobilize voters to elect officials who stand for them when making decisions that affect their community.

Our very first program, “We Care,” was a voter registration program rooted in engaging the local community by helping those in need. In order to help North Carolinans in need, we designed a statewide food and clothes distribution, combined with a voter registration tour. This self-funded project helped feed, clothe and register over 5000 families within seven cities from Raleigh to Charlotte.


Since then, our focus has shifted to virtual education. Blue Starr has curated two series called “UpNext” and “Blue Talk” to start political discussions and help people learn more about what resources are available. Learn more about them by clicking the links below:


>> Learn more about UpNext

>> Learn more about Blue Talk


By providing resources and organizing in these communities now, we will ultimately shape the future of our entire political system. This will be a long and difficult road, but it can be done especially with friends like you! 

Join us as we unify our political system in a way that reflects the wills and wants of the people!
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