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WE Care focuses on three areas of helping those in need: food and clothes distribution, COVID-19 support, and voter registration.


According to Feeding America's calculations, about 19% or nearly 1 in 5 North Carolina residents will experience food insecurity in 2020 due to COVID-19. To bring awareness and serve communities in need, we designed a program that will focus on building from the ground up.


Our goal is to provide over 1 million meals and articles of clothing by August of 2021. And to register 100,000 new voters by Election Day 2022.


To be effective and engage in the community properly, it is not enough to just register voters and forget them. The WE Care program is committed to help throughout the entire process including absentee voting support and providing information on available public resources.

Support our programs, with a donation of $25 dollars today! 


Blue Talk is our platform in which young people can engage with other young people to have open political discussions. We quickly realized that our younger generation has a lot to say about our current policies, climate and actually have different views on the current way our political system is being run, hence why young voter turnout remains to be very low compared to our older voters.

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UpNext is a way to bring elected officials and the families they serve together in one place. It provides a forum to discuss key topics and policies they care about. This is also an opportunity to learn about the resources provided by local, state, and federal organizations that can help folks in need. 

Click here to check for any upcoming UpNext events.

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